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"Keeping You Compliant

Whilst Saving The Environment"


Secure Data Destruction


Electrotek Solutions take the hassle out of Data Destruction, whilst maintaining strict protocols to ensure your data’s security at every step of the process.

We have invested heavily in our Data Destruction Equipment and Processes to ensure we take the worry away from our clients and provide a robust service and reporting method for audit purposes.


Electrotek Solutions provides a FREE Secure Data Destruction service as part of our Computer / IT WEEE collections for all Data bearing media. We also offer a fully documented onsite hard drive destruction service utilising our mobile Garner Data Eliminator and crushing systems. This fully degausses drives and crushes them beyond reuse ensuring no data ever leaves your premises. The waste material is then removed for shredding and recycling.


If you wish to have any Data destroyed under separate contract and DO NOT require a Computer / IT Weee waste clearance, We charge £10 per HDD/SSD/LTO for up to ten drives. If you have more than ten, the price is reduced to £8 per drive there after. We will also destroy any other media such as USB, CDs or floppy drives at £1 per item to cover our costs.

How the process works…

Our uniformed and DBS drivers attend your business and firstly scan the serial numbers where applicable, of all your Data into our Waste Transfer Note. This can be any media bearing device such as, Hard Drives, SSD’s, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Tapes, USB’s and Floppy Disks etc.


The Data bearing media is then placed in a secure strong box which is locked before our drivers leave your business and the key to open this is kept at our facility so there is no way the box can be opened during transit.

Upon arrival at our facility the box is opened and the Data checked against the Waste Transfer Note, it is then placed in our secure Data Safes ready to be processed.

Each drive is assessed and is wiped by either Secure Erase N, HMG iS5 Enhanced or at DOD Department of Defence Standard using our on site Aleratec, Systor, or Server equipment. All Tablets / Laptops collected using our secure strong box are wiped using Kill Disk or drives removed to use our onsite equipment. All media unable to be wiped is destroyed via our Garner Data Eliminator IronClad system, then crushed and/or shredded. All Tapes, USB’s, Floppy Disks are incinerated or degaussed and/or shredded.

Once completed a full Data Destruction Certificate is produced and either emailed to our client or we provide you with a secure login to our site, where all Waste Transfer Notes and Data Destruction Certificates can be easily accessed, printed or saved.

The level of destruction required is agreed under contract.


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